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Burton-on-Trent Ukulele and Whistle Group

Burton - England's home of Brewing with Ukulele

I prefer playing the ukulele properly to just pissing about, don't you?

All are welcome.........however.....😁


Welcome all

The Weighbridge 5 Derby  St Burton on Trent

7.30-8pm Kev's Uke/Whistle session - lessons for novices

8pm  till late Ukulele, banjo, whistle sing-along

Join us - no need to have song sheets - they are projected for all to see

Contact us:pmcgpeter@aol.com

Here are ALL our songs for you to download:

All Burton Uke group Songs  





Sunday 17 June 2018
Last Wednesday's meeting was more relaxed than previously as we become accustomed to our new surroundings and grow impervious to the customers drinking and chatting next door through the open door way. An enjoyable evening really.
It was lovely to see Sandra again who came with her other half. She has lost none of her corruscating wit (much to my annoyance) and her playing has improved tremendously since last we met - as I told her, her playing could only improve - there was no other direction it could take! We all did one song where everyone finger-picked - it was great.
Steve was there and Yasmin and Kevin.
The Landlady has asked if we will perform for her customers - to that end Kevin has simplified down a few songs and we will practice those next time we meet
I was watching a quite compelling film the other night called 'Three Billboards' - I highly recommend it - it had a song I vaguely remembered called 'Chiquita' - I believe it is an ABBA song. I liked it, so here it is for us to try on Wednesday
Angela was absent again, and she is missed - I do hope that dear Angela gets well soon and joins us once again

Hope to see you all next Wednesday

8 June 2018

Well, last Wednesday we had our first meeting in the Weighbridge Inn next door to the Travelodge and Lidl on Derby St Burton-on-Trent
The Landlords, Roger and his wife, gave us a warm welcome and showed us the room where we would play, allowing us to remove 3 pictures from a wall so that we could projct the songs on to it. What a pleasant little pub the Weighbridge is, warm, welcoming, nicely decorated with good beers on sale - the Victoria Pale Ale is well worth trying!
Parking is really no problem, - if you cannot find a place in the limited-space pub parking, then free street parking is conveniently available at the nearby Curzon Street. Right next to the pub is a public car park, but unless you are rich like Kevin and £3.00 for a couple of hours parking is 'nada', then Curzon St is the place
So - off we went - all 8 of us. Truthfully we were bit shaky - not up to our usual (low?😁) standard - an inhibition of playing in a new venue and having an open door on to the main saloon bar of the pub - as Kevin said, that will have put off any music-loving customers they had!

We were a bit disconcerted when one of our songs received a round of applause!
Still we struggled through - we attacked Shane's 'It's All Over Now' but it successfully repulsed us - I will re-print it in a lower key that might just suit our range.
We did Tracey's 'All I have to do is Dream' in the key of C - it was ok-ish, - the key of F is much better but the chords are more difficult.
I had added Margaret's 'El paso Condor' but unfortunately Margaret (who is new to the uke) had been practicing it in a different key, so I will have to change it. As consolation prize we played 'Sound of Silence', another Simon & Garfunkel song. I hope Margaret was consoled - I wasn't ! In truth it was not too bad at all - with a bit of practice it will be raised in standard from unbearable to bloody awful!
Margaret is coming along really well - she is surpisngly good for the short period she has been playing the ukulele for
Steve was there - good to see him - the weather must be getting hot because Kevin is now wearing only one T-shirt and Steve is wearing shorts. I hope this summer does not get too hot or we will be playing the Ukes in Full Monty and Kevin will have to write another exposing song!
A big thanks to Kevin Goodfellow for getting us this venue - can anyone think of a suitable song we can sing to thank him?

Hope to see you all there next week


3rd June 2018

Well, the news this week is that Kevin has found us a new venue at the Weighbridge Inn 5 Derby St. and our first meeting there will be on Wednesday 6 June.From what I have seen of it , it is a lovely little pub with an excellent range of beers. Bit sad to be leaving the Old Cottage Tavern, which is being redeveloped, but the weighbridge is bright, cosy and welcoming.
There is apparently some limited car parking at the pub, but there is plenty of free parking on the surrounding streets.
So, look forward to seing you all there
The meeting last Wednesday - as it happened the last at the Cottage Tavern - was sweet and cosy. Margaret is coming along in leaps and bounds and both she and Shane (the replacement for Sean, who has left) introduced their sparkling new ukuleles.
Poor Angela is suffering and was unable to attend - we all hope you are well soon dear Angela, and we look forward to your bright chatty presence againseeing

Shane introduced a new song - 'It's All over Now' - the rolling Stones song and Margaret 'Condor El Paso' - a Simon and Garfunkel song. Kevin produced an amended version of 'Yasmin's Epiphany' -at least that is what I think it is called.
Steve, it will be your turn to introduce a new song next!
These songs will be available next Wednesday
It is apparent that some of our songs are in keys that make them difficult for learners. For example, Tracey likes 'All I have to do is Dream' - our version is in the Key of F which includes the dreaded Bb chord. So I will look at our songs and convert them to easier keys
Well that's enough from me!
Hope to see you all , Wednesday at the Weighbridge

Here are the new songs from Margaret, Shane and Kevin for you to download:

An Observation (Yasmin’s Epiphany) https://app.box.com/s/fhnbf7o00bpwovurogvdof7wvzm6ndju

It’s all over Now https://app.box.com/s/4s83g7wgnioml9ieba6aj6bz073xr2fz

Condor El Paso https://app.box.com/s/cd9zu3p8s9rzpq96cnyfx3iziiux3f5r
and here are ALL our songs:
All Burton Uke group Songs https://app.box.com/s/uceqj3p0iuadj6p35ym4xrk9fqxc23pq

28 MAY 2018
well, last Wednesday’s meeting was a pleasant affair. We have a new member, Margaret, who has never played the uke before, but she showed great promise after some instruction from Kevin

Angela was not there – she is suffering from a recurrence of her arthritis – we all hope you get well enough to attend aging soon, Angela

Our other recent new starter, Sean, has not re-appeared, but has been replaced by someone of remarkable similarity someone Shane.

Welcome Margaret and Shane

Steve was off gallivanting in France, but Tracey was there – pity she will not sing solo – she has a good voice

Kevin, our leader was there as always – it is Kevin that keeps the group together. Kevin was in summer dress – he only wears one T-shirt in the summer

We rattled through lots of songs – very enjoyable evening.
Yasmin is still looking for a job, - she was there, and she really enjoys the social aspect of the evening
My tab-centred fingerpicking is coming along slowly and I will soon be able to delight our meetings with a display of astonishing ineptitude- soon, in my musical period being within 5 years (or more)






 4 May 2018

A good session on Wednesday evening, very sociable, lots of chat and interspersed by some ukulele playing!
Five of us in total - nice to see Yasmin there again - she presented a letter from her Mum explaining her absence last week , so we are satisfied she was not out and about gallivanting hither and thither. Kevin gave her instruction on the Penny Whistle and she is progressing nicely. For some strange reason she brought and showed us an electric dog-hair clipper! I suppose we must accommodate the minor idiosyncrasies of our members!
Andrew turned up with his new tenor ukulele and Kevin remembered to bring his whistles. - he accompanied the vivacious Angela with her delightful solo rendering of 'The Galway Shawl'. Angela played us a recording of her Irish Grandmother singing the same song! I must say I preferred Angela's version, but I can see where Angela gets her pushiness from! Apparently Angela is learning to ride a motorbike with a view to 'Riding To The Wall' in the Arboretum! We are nothing if not an eclectically eccentric group!
Played some good songs - John Denver is a current favourite, Dylan's 'Girl From The North Country', the sadly beautiful 'Down in the Sally Gardens', 'Killing me Softly', 'Wind in the Willows'
We are gradually getting on top of 'Galway Girl' - we in fact made quite a fist of it - spoiled only by some prat bashing a tambourine - 'Hey Mr Tambourine Man - Give it a Bloody Rest!'
Steve should be back next week, and when he does come back we should expect him to talk continuously, non-stop , about his Louisiana experiences - he us such a chatter-box!
Hope to see you all there next Wednesday

29 April 2018

Well, it is just as well that Angela turned up on Wednesday - she increased attendance by 50%!
We are always happy to see Angela - she adds something to our music, and true to form she took centre stage without a by-your-leave and launched into unabashed solos on two songs. Kevin and I were a bit taken aback as there had been no requests, no discussion, no nothing! Just this talented young lady
lustily singing at the top of her voice!
She was good mind you - she sings 'The galway Shawl' so well

Although there were ony the three of us we certainly rattled through the songs. There were no chat-breaks, much to Angela's and Kevin's unaccustomed disappointment
Oddly, Yasmin was missing. Does she suspect us of helping ourselves to the content of her purse I wonder? Well, all I can say is that if the odd 10p WAS amiss, it warn't me Guv!
Sandra from Hamstell Ridware could not come. That's a shame because we do need heducated players what have had lessons! Hope to see you next week Sandra. (Sandra organises a music festival called MenaFest for her daughter who tragically died recently - it has been a great success so far and we wish Sandra similar success this for this year's festival)
The other Sandra, the mordantly quipping artist, has said she will attempt to come again, so we are reserving a big welcome for her
I hope Tracey can come again too
I will not continue this list of who did NOT attend as it becomes embarrassing, but Steve should be back on Wednesday

We tried all finger-picking the chords to a couple of songs, and the effect was electric (as in shocking!) If you can fingerpick then you must try this
Hope to see you all on Wednesday

22 April 2018

Six dedicated ukulelists gathered together last Wednesday. It was good to see Sandra there again (even if she is a bit posh , what with LESSONS an'all), and Yasmin and Andrew made up the sextet with me and Kevin
We tried the two songs that Andrew introduced - 'Sweet Baby James' and 'Hotel California'. They are good songs but a bit difficult so need a lot of work before we stop ruining these perfectly good songs.
Sandra wanted 'American Pie' , a lovely song that we have never managed to do justice to and this effort was no exception, however Sandra made a good fist of 'Tambourine Man'
We did 'The Galway Shawl' which is now Angela's song (along with 'Eight Days a Week' and 'By the light of the Silvery Moon'); in the absence of Angela's linnet-like voice, it was a bit flat - without Kevin's delightful penny whistle it would have been horrible -perhaps we will see her next week?
We sang 'Honky-Tonk' woman for Yasmin, whom, I am unreliably informed , was a bit of a Honky-Tonker in her youth!
No further news of our relocation as yet

Hope to see you all there next Wednesday, 25 April, The Old cottage Tavern B-O-T



15 April 2018

Well, last Wednesday was indeed sparsely attended. Initially just three of us – Yasmin, Kevin and me, and later Andrew turned up.

Yasmin is coming along well in her Penny Whistle lessons given by Kevin

But something odd, and as it happened, very good occurred – we started playing 'Four Strong Winds', and without anyone saying so, we all started finger-picking.

Nothing really startling there, but first, a short digression on musical notation.

Have you ever wondered why the note C when played on, say a soprano ukulele and on a piano sound simultaneously the same yet very different in many ways?

I feel sure that you do, but for those that do not, it is because different instruments produce the dominant frequency of the note C (or any other note) and that is why they are 'in tune' and sound the 'same'. But they also produce many other frequencies depending upon how they are constructed.

And that is why different 'in tune' instruments also sound different to each other

Now, there were three of us playing (at that point Yasmin had left, accusingly clutching her purse), and Kevin was playing a Soprano ukulele, Andrew a Tenor and me a Baritone. So as we finger-picked the chords the different sounds of the instruments mingled and produced a very musical effect. But something else was going on as well.

You see, there is no fixed way of finger-picking a ukulele, so we were finger-picking the same chords but in different patterns. Thus one of us might be simultaneously picking the highest note of a chord, another the lowest, and a third somewhere in between.

The effect was startling! It sounded as if the person picking the highest note was harmonising with the people picking a lower notes. I have never played the ukulele with such joy and satisfaction! We were making beautiful music!

Sandra did not attend – she had to attend a funeral. Steve of course is drinking liquor from his fruit jar in Louisiana.

I wonder if Tracey will come again?

Poor old Angela could not attend because she was feeling poorly. W certainly miss her contribution when she is absent.

She has knee problems and had to have an injection to lessen the pain

I expect it is because of a surfeit of praying. It is a little known fact that 67.4% of the Irish population suffer from knee problems.

Too much praying you see.

I should know, I am a quarter Irish meself (with a name like McGuiggan, you'd hardly be Spanish now, would you?) and I used to suffer knee problems terribly Then one Easter I gave up praying for Lent , and bingo! No more knee troubles!

Get well soon dear Angela!

No further news yet on our re-location – Yasmin thinks there is a good chance with the 'Weighbridge Inn' – but Kevin thinks the sale of the 'Old Cottage Tavern' might have fallen through so we may have reprieve. Mind you if attendances like last Wednesday continue, a broom cupboard would suffice!

Andrew introduced two new songs – and here they are – I have given them in two different keys to see which one is best for us

sweet baby james C
sweet baby james D
hotel california Am
hotel california Em










 7 April 2018

Well, an excellent meeting last Wednesday evening, only six of us there, but did we play well!
Ask the  young and lovely Angela! Once more she sang the whole of 'The Galway Shawl', Solo! 
An enchanting performance accompanied by the plangent tonality of Kevin's whistle. Lovely
She deservedly was acclaimed by the enthusiastic applause of the gathered multitude (all five of us!)
It will not be long before Angela barges in and  elbows the performers away from the Folk Night mike to trill to and thrill her rapt audience!

Who else was there you might (or might not) ask? 

Well Sandra sent her apologies as she had family business to attend to - she hopes to be there next week. But Steve, Kevin and me were there, as was Yasmin - lovely to see her, and always cheerful Andrew turned up later 

We rattled through some lovely songs  - we really do some songs exceptionally well

Yasmin disappointed us somewhat. 
Bit of a story
The previou week Yasmin left her purse behind , you see. 
Those of us that found it discussed what we should do - should we contact Yasmin and return her purse, or alternatively shoud we order  a stretch limousine and go clubbing in Derby on the content of her purse? Someone in our group must be a committed Christian (perhaps the one that always wants to play Plastic Jesus), because we decided to return her purse to Yasmin

But our hopes were high of getting a REWARD for our good deed, but Yasmin sauntered in on Wednesday without any mention of a reward!

The other Angela is interested in coming again so we look forward to her return

Steve will be missing until May as he is going to Louisiana to sing cajun and blue-grass- Steve is really an accoplished musician
We look forward to Steve's return and tales of liquor fruit jars

Hope to see y'all there Next wednesday!








2 April 2018

Bit late writing this again, what with Easter 'n'all - to THSH on Good Friday to see St Matthews Passion - not a ukulele in sight - a grave omission by Mr Bach! Family over for lunch on Easter Sunday ,so a busy weekend
Seven of us attended last Wednesday's meeting. Nice to see Tracey back, and Yasmin has reappeared after a short absence; great to see that she is well. Andrew also turned up - his cheery personality is always welcome; Angela turned up a little late from her photography club - she adds something to our music, don't quite know what it is, but we always play better when she is with us. Then there was the Old Faithfuls- Steve, Kevin and me.
Tracey threw us a little by saking for 'I Want To Marry a lighthouse Keeper' a song that we have in our collection, but never have performed - it seemed that only Tracey actually knew the song which was abandoned after a few tortuous attempts
Angela bravely sang solo the song 'The Galway Shawl', and very nice it was too, accompanied by Kevin beautifully playing his whistle- indeed Kevin played this rather long song twice on his whistle
A very good evening it was - I enjoyed it thoroughly
Look forward to seeing you al on Wednesday

25 March 2018

I am writing this a little bit late this week, due to me being very busy buying  a car for my Grandson's birthday - he is 18 in May, but has recently passed his test so the present was futured. He was overjoyed in his understated cool way 

Anyway - good meeting last Wednesday even tho' only five attended. Good to see Sandra and Angela there, along with the Old (certainly not young!) Faithfuls, Kevin, Steve and me, Yasmin was mising for the econd week - I do hope she is OK
Sandra enjoyed 'Eight days a week' so much that we later played it again - most unusual occurence!
We had  a good bash at 'Galway Girl' with one of our members clumsily playing the tambourine - just another way of ruining a perfectly good song - however the uke players more than compensated for his bashing blunderings!

Kevin had a dicky chest so he spluttered his way through 'The Galway Shawl' on the whistle - he normally plays that so beautifully - this week we played it in F rather than G - not so demanding on the vocal chords

Kevin informed us that he has got provisional agreement for us to use  a room in the Cooper's Arms pub when the current venue closes. This may mean that we move our meetings fro a Wednesday to a Thursday. More on that  as we  get nearer the date

Here are all our songs for your convenience if you want to selectively download some  - there are far too many - I must cul the list sometime
 Burton Ukulele Group All Songs

Hope to see you all next Wednesday






15 March 2018

Six people attended last night's meeting.  One of those was Sandra a welcome new addition to our group. Welcome Sandra! Sandra claimed to be a novice, yet it transpired that she knew just as many chords as anyone else in the group, and she simply needs more prctice in chnging chords and knowing where they are without looking. She happily and quite fluently joined in all the songs we attempted
Good to see Angela back adding dynamism to our playing. Andrew turned up too - always a pleasure to see Andrew, and Steve, the old faithful was there again
Tracey could not attend but will join us in 2 weeks time. She says she has improved after practicing so I have offered her a solo spot when she next attends😁

I provided a new screen for the projector but it was some time before anyone even noticed😢! Mind you, Angela did notice that the images were no longer yellow - I had also replaced a faulty VGA cable

Kevin once more played the 'Galway shawl' on his penny whistle - what a hauntingly plangent tone his whistle lends to that song - a lovely song beautifully played by Kevin
Kevin also presented a new song - in his normal high-tech fashion, that is a sort of photo-copy with his handwritten chords added 😁- that is not a problem really as I can just scan it in and add it to our song collection
The song is 'I Will', but unfortunately it fell a bit flat, so istead of copying Kevin's offering I have looked around and found versions in 2 keys that may make it more attractive to us. Here they are for downloding if you want to practice them: 

I Will C

I Will G

And here is the writer of the song singing it - the henna-haired-soppy-date Beatle, Paul McCartney, quite a nice song if someone else sings it!


Kevin is looking for an alternative venue for when this one is re-developed


10 March 2018

Five of us attended this week's much warmer meeting, Steve, Kevin, Yasmin, myself and the welcome return of the lovely Angela; she certainly adds something to our music making when she attends. Yasmin's husband also attended but took no part in the proceeding except for his tales of smuggling cats into hotels! For his benefit we sang 'the song what Kevin wrote' for Yasmin about her cat - a very nice little song too. Yasmin's Penny Whistle lesson conducted by Kevin went well - her scales are coming along qute fluently 
We have two newly interested people  David and Sandra, so we look forward to welcoming them if they decide to attend
We did 'Maggie May' for the first time and it was not too bad! Our rendition of 'Galway Girl' is now rather good, that C5 chord drones along, and we had tambourine accompaniment this week!
Our favourites, 'Will you love me tomorrow', 'Killing me softly with his song', 'Love Hurts, 'Galway shawl' were played amongst mny others, and as Angela had her banjolele, we did    'Wayfaring Stranger'

A good session all round really

Don't forget folks, it is YOU who picks the song, so why not decide the songs you want to play before coming to the meeting?

It appears as if we have only 8 weeks or so of meetings in this location before the pub closes for redevelopment. Kevin is scouting around trying to find an alternative venue. Thank's Kevin, you really are keeping this Group going!

If you have a song you wish to be included simply email me a copy of it, pmcgpeter@aol.com, and I will put it on the iPad for projection

Hope to see y'all next Wedmnesday same time, same place!

3 March 2018

Well the meeting on Wednesday 28 Februaru was brrr..udy cold!
Four intrepid ukuleleists turned up, Yasmin, Tracey, Kevi  and me, and we played splendid vibrato parts, our hands trembled so in the cold! Fingerpicking was not so good as our fingers kept sticking on the ice-cold strings!

But we played and had some fun - it turns out Yasmin was  bit of a Honkey-Tonker in her youth, shimmying through the Saloons with alluring eyes, so she  enjoyed playing 'Honkey-Tonk Woman' as did we all.
'Down in The Sally Gardens' is a lovely song and we duly did it a great injustice! But we will improve
Kevin gave some learned instruction on the Ukulele to Yasmin and Tracey
We all packed up early it was so cold
Jessica the lovely bar lady has offered us the next-door bar room to play in; this is heated by two radiators and is always warm, so next Wednesday, if it is cold, we will meet there
Hope to seey'all there!




 27 februarary 2018

Weather, you like it or not, tomorrow will be bloody cold!
However, Kevin will be there, I will be there, I hope that you will be there too!


23 Feb 2018

A new ukeist to our small group - Tracey. 
Welcome Tracey!
Tracey has only been playing the ukulele for some 4 weeks or so. but is already quite adept on the main chords, so she should advance rapidly under Kevin's guidance
A good session last Wednesday - those songs that we have ben consistently playing are now quite satisfying to play - we perform them quite well

A couple of modified songs for downloading:


And here are all the songs in our collection for downloading if you wish ( the older links may become invalid whe the list is modified)

Hope to see you all next Wednesday!



15 Feb 2018

The weather  was horribke last night, cold, howling wind and icy rain. So I was happy when five people turned up.
Angela was absent, so no photos of or members striking artistic poses  perhaps next week. Yasmin wa there - last week she had to work on Wednesday night, so good to see you again Yasmin. Steve was there , reliable as ever, and it was nice to see Andrew turn up again
We had a bash at Andrew's 'San Freansisco Bay Blues' - it is coming long quite nicely 
We tried 'The Galway Shawl' in the key of G and it ws splendid! Kevin payed his whistle with great poignancy- so I think we will keep at it in G - and Kevin retains his post as Lead Whistle for as long as he does not forget to bring his whistle
Kevin also cracked that rapidly-rising C in the second line of the chorus of 'In The salley Gardens', so I think that wll become one of our staples

13 Feb 2018

 Well, attendance seems to be in decline - I was off sick two weeks ago, and last week there were only three of us. One of those three is the lovely Angela - welcome back Angela!
I though we would experiment with 'The Galway Shawl' in the key of G -  if we don't like it we can revert to F!

Here it is for downloading

and here is a group singing it in G

Also introduced at the last meeting was one of Dylan's nonsense songs 'Under the Apple Sucking Tree' (he does quite a few of these nonsense songs - some of them are fun)
Here it is for download:
Under the Apple Sucking Tree

and here is someone-or-other singing it (it seems that the real Dylan singing on youtube is banned for copyright reasons)

Hope t'see y'all there tomorrow night


25 Jan 2018

Well the usual stalwart four were there last night, and we produced some good music, I was particularly impressed with our rendition of 'Country Roads' - the instrumental sections were good

An amusing rendition of 'Paint it Black' at Yamin's request

'The Galway Shawl' was not so good, hindered as it was by Kevin forgetting to bring his whistle! 

For goodness sake Kevin, I bet the lead flautist of the CBSO doesn't forget his flute! Any more of this backsliding, Kevin, and I will convene an Extraordinary General Meeting  to demand your demotion as lead Whistleist!

OK, OK, there is a slight problem in that no-one else plays the whistle, but there is no room for complacency!

 More experimentation with 'Down By The Sally Gardens'  a lovely song, but difficult with a C suddenly rising by an octave. As usual, Kevin found the key (very punny - ed.) to unlocking the problem!

Angela is now a proper certified photographer, wth a correspondingly professional disdain for the 'auto' button and she has accepted me as her agent in poducing phtographs of the Group for inclusion on this site. 

Well done , Angela!

We look forward to your returning artistry next week

A new song was introduced, nice, but requires more work, you can download it here:

Blow The Wind Southerly

Here  Nana Mouskouri sings it rather nicely, tho' not as nicely as Kevin perhaps, and with a distinct Greek accent. The cover looks like a a bit like a collier off Whitby - she should probably be singing 'blow the wind northerly' if that is so, but pedants are not normally welcomed ('cept by me)


17 Jan 2018

As Mystic Meg says, is there anybody there?Another poorly attended session - just Steve , Yasmin, Kevin and me

Just in case anyone is reading this, here are all the songs for downloading (they are elsewhere on this blog, but placed here for your convenience)

Burton Ukulele Group ALL SONGS 

15 JAN 2018

































12 JAN 2018

Apologies to Angela for omitting her name from the member list!

Angela is a valued member who always improves our performances when she is here and by Geoge, do they need imrproving!


 11 JAN  2018






11 Jan 2018

Well , we met, not many, but, we experimented  with  a couple of 'difficult' songs, 'Down the Sally gardens', 'Caledonia', 'San Francisco bay  blues' with some success, particularly Kevin on the whistle in 'Sally Gardens'
We are becoming quite proficient at 'Galway Girl' with that strange whining chord C5

See you all next week hopefully

9 January 2018
Well, Kevin asked me to find an Irish song about the Innish Isles and indeed I did find one, but it sounded nothing like the one Kevin played, so I will leae it for a whle
Meanwhile I found a nice Irish song - 'Down The Sally Gardens'

Here it is sung divinely by Andreas Scholl

And here are the lyrics and chords to try it tomorrow

Down The Sall(e)y Gardens

Hope to see you then