Saturday, 30 December 2017

A happy new Year To all....

......and a prosperous one too (or one, two, three..)

Saw the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain last week
They are astonishingly, intimidatingly good!
Their timing is absolutely spot on, their vocals superb, and their ukulele playing reaches levels well beyond the reach of we happy-slappy string-bashers
I noted that they rarely actually strummed (except on the very fast number) but finger-picked
I will have a word with our leader to see if he will introduce  strumming ban😀

Kevin's whistle-lessons seem to be going well, and Jasmine in particular is making comparatively
gigantic finger-leaps
Jasmine has now got a job but will build the job around Wednesday nights, so she can continue with us - so well done Jasmine

We have not seen Rosie or Sandra for some time - Rosie is too busy selling 2 kg sacks of sparkly stuff on TV (£30.99 off this week only), but the last time Sandra came she entertained us with a spot of line dncing to 'Wagon Wheel' - good stuff!

Kevin has now written a song about Jasmin's cat,  lyrics by jasmine - it is good too

As you may wel know the pub is up for sale so we are looking for a new venue

Anyone knowing of such a venue plaese inform Kevin

The venue spec is simple - it must allow up to 12 Uke payers, have a bar and en-suite facilities, and be free!
Should be no problem at all!

Oh, and yes,, I almost forgot we meet again Wednesday 3rd Janury 2018

look forward to seeing you and hearing y'all, a Sandra might say

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