Sunday, 10 December 2017

Well, 'tis the Season of Saccharin and Sentiment when we gather all together to sing sickly songs and the exterior of  houses twinkle like beckoning Turkish brothels (so I am told)

So a Happy Xmas to all! (Note how Christ is struck out by the X - how apt!)

If you are not a Christian (and there is a 70% probability that you are not) then Season's Greetings to you - that awful phrase moves us even further away from what Christmas is about - if I receive a Season's Greeting card I am insulted and chuck it in the bin

Why am I rabbiting on like this  you may well think?

Well, our leader, Kevin has pronounced that the Burton Ukulele Group will meet on all Wednesday's leading up to Christmas, but will NOT meet on Wednesday 27 December, and normal service will resume on Wednesday 3 Jan 2018

Happy CHRISTmas to everyone and a prosperous New Year!

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